Lunch break à la Dauphinoise

Les ravioles avec salade verte à Absinthe Café

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2 thoughts on “Lunch break à la Dauphinoise

  1. Yum! We might have to check out that café for lunch or drinks one day together!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my last post. You are right – I have to try and make it into the city more often to explore and build my social life. I’m lucky to have met someone as sweet as you, and I look forward to spending more time together :)

    Can’t wait for more pics!!

  2. This is one of many cafés in town! Lots of options, lots of good food everywhere! I wouldn’t recommend this café in particular, but it had a seat in the sun! It felt like a nice summer day.

    I’m glad my comment was helpful and not too pushy. There’s just a lot of things to see in town.. nice walks, people watching, museums, theaters, music, shops, the Bastille. I’ve also caught some random (and free) art exhibitions in alternative spaces (will hopefully add pics on here soon). Night life is pretty cool too (except everything closes early, which doesn’t bother me much).

    À bientôt !

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