Col des Aravis 1486m

Le jour après Noël, en retour de Grenoble depuis Annecy, j’ai visité le Col des Aravis à 1 486 m d’altitude. Voici 14 photos!

The day after Chistmas, returning to Grenoble from Annecy, I visited the Col des Aravis at 1486 m in altitude. Here are 14 pics!

a teeny church!
@ Rhodos
I had Raclette @ Rhodos
Station de ski la Clusaz
someone give me the recipe for these?!

charcuterie, cornichons and potatoes (not pictured) for la Raclette

part of the menu @ Rhodos

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Links/Liens: Station de ski la Clusaz , Restaurant Les Rhodos


Ps – There’s an extraordinary view of Mont Blanc!

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5 thoughts on “Col des Aravis 1486m

    1. Yes.. little quiches with spinach and melted cheese inside. Not sure of exact ingredients though. Were so good- would be a hit at a cocktail party! If I figure out the recipe (or something close) I’ll email it to you.

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