A Magical week in Marrakech

I am back from an unforgettable week in stunning, lively, warm Marrakech. I wish I was still there! May I return soon, In shaa’Allah. I came back to a tight deadline so I don’t have much time to talk about things and add pics (nor write in French), but here’s a little taste. Also, I bought a Moroccan tea set after spending much time bartering down prices to 70% off and introducing myself as Anna smeeti Fatima (my name is Fatima), but it was worth the hassle! Grenobloise = no discount. Fatima = local price!

Moroccan Mint Green Tea with my teapot and cups from rue Riad Zitoun El Jadid

I drank a lot of Mint Tea in Morocco, unsurprisingly, but being a green tea lover as well (and wanting a bit of caffeine) I was really drawn to Nora’s Moroccan Green Mint Tea with Sugar recipe (you can follow the same recipe but just leave out the green tea part for Mint Tea). I made it for the first time today (with less sugar) and it was incredible! Her blog Life in Marrakesh is wonderful by the way!

I’ll leave you with a few photos from the past week:

Lovely storks on the walls of Palais Badi
Koutoubia garden
Tasting my first (& delicious) "mixed" tea @ Café Arabe (184 Mouassine) while my man takes advantage of being able to order an alcoholic beverage
a camel in Essaouira

Yesterday, my first day walking around Grenoble since my return, I paid a visit to rue Chenoise which has a lot of North African businesses (which I often felt to be rather mysterious and unwelcoming — now I can’t wait to experience them) including a Moroccan restaurant, tea and hookah cafés, and tagine/ceramic stores where I recognized some items that were being sold at the souqs. I already go to Aux Bonnes Épices (1 rue Madeleine) right nearby for my curry/spice powders. I also walked past a couscous place on rue de la Poste (near Victor Hugo) and it had méchoui (quite expensive, of course)! My first meal in Marrakech was méchoui (why not start at the top?!), which was eaten on humble, cozy terrace on lamb alley overlooking place Djemaa el-Fna as well as a view of a neighboring terrace that had a goat (why not?).

…You know what this means, not only a petit Marrakech guide is in the air for this blog (the Grenoble guide is still in the works!), but where to find good Moroccan cuisine in Grenoble! The best Green Mint Tea in Grenoble is definitely to be found chez moi, just to be clear! Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “A Magical week in Marrakech

    1. Yes you may Crystal! Wish you made it in town more often but I know you’re working and have a commute. Speaking of commute, I’m itching to get out into the countryside and see the farm animals – I was in animal-heaven in Marrakech! Wait ’till you see all of my cat (including kittens) pictures! You must try my tea! I’m impressed with myself; a little Marrakech magic chez moi. :)

  1. Welcome back!! Great photos! What brought you down there?

    I’m impressed by how you really take advantage of where you are and travel! I am such a lazy expat…I need to get the brouhaha out of Paris and see the rest of France and all of the amazing cities that surround us!

    1. Hi Ella! My bf had to take a week off so we wanted to go someplace warm, not too far or too pricey, and someplace we’ve both never been. Marrakech was his idea – I knew nothing about it! Now I am amazed that a place like this exists and now all I want to do travel-wise it visit the other Moroccan cities! That’s how much I love this country! We flew from Geneva and we were often next to the Paris check-in line. You have access to so many amazing places – you must hop on a flight to Marrakech stat! Hurry before the summer comes. :P

      P.S. Still unable to comment on your blog but you know I read it almost daily. Doesn’t sound like you’ve had much time to travel around Europe with 1.) your job and 2.) how much you’ve traveled in the US lately! You’ve certainly flown much more than me; this was my 1st time in a plane since I arrived in France, from 10 days in Ireland (originally flying from JFK) last May & June.

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