Hugh Grant… à Grenoble !


On a vu l’acteur anglais Hugh Grant ce matin vers 11:00 ! Il a été vu en train de partir d’un restaurant avec un homme à place Grenette. Qu’est-ce qu’il fait dans le Dauphiné pensez-vous ? Monsieur Grant, si vous êtes encore dans le coin, appellez-moi — je vous invite à aller prendre un verre de Chartreuse !

English actor Hugh Grant was spotted this morning around 11 AM! He was seen leaving a restaurant with a man in place Grenette. What do you think he’s doing in the Dauphiné? Mr. Grant, if you’re still in the neighborhood, call me — I invite you to glass of Chartreuse!


***UPDATE – June 8th: Confirmed!: Mais oui, mais oui: Hugh Grant a bien passé la nuit à Grenoble ! from GRE City Local News.

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8 thoughts on “Hugh Grant… à Grenoble !

    1. English muffin — ha ha! You crack me up. ;-)

      A friend of mine saw him, not me (unfortunately), and is almost 100% sure it was him (We have spotted celebs together in NYC, and he was always spot on! I don’t usually notice celebs unless there are right in front of my face). AND the English muffin was so close to my apartment! I could have ran outside to see (stalk) him if I had checked my text message on time. :P

      I wish I knew what he is up to in… Grenoble!

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