512 views! Thank-you GreNews (and Hugh Grant)!

Grenobloise est maintenant officielle ! J’ai commencé mon blog il y a un an comme un passe-temps, mais maintenant c’est devenu la source (bon, d’accord… une des sources) d’information sur Grenoble ! Il y a quelques jours, j’ai découvert cet article dans le journal GreNews, mais aujourd’hui j’ai vu qu’il était aussi dans leur édition online depuis hier soir. Je suis allée voir le détail de mes connections et j’ai vu que j’avais des visteurs qui avaient cliqué sur “Dana, Américaine mais aussi “Grenobloise“. Je remercie, encore une fois, la journaliste de GreNews qui a mis l’article aussi sur internet.

Grenobloise is now legit! I started blogging about Grenoble 1 year ago as a hobby, but now I’ve become the source (kidding; one of the sources) for information about Grenoble! A few days ago, I found the article in the GreNews newspaper, but I’ve just discovered that since last night that the article is included in their online edition as well. I went to check my blog stats this evening and saw that I had visitors referred from “Dana, Américaine mais aussi “Grenobloise. I’m very thankful, once again, to the journalist from GreNews for adding my article online as well.

How exciting!


Je remercie aussi Hugh Grant pour les 308 visites, ce qui était mon record jusqu’a hier. C’est peut-être grace à ça que GreNews a trouvé mon blog. M. Grant, l’offre pour la Chartreuse tient toujours…

I am also thankful to Hugh Grant, as I had 308 views that day, which was my record high since yesterday. That is perhaps how Grenoble’s local paper stumbled upon this blog in the first place! Mr. Grant, the Charteuse offer is still open…

512 views today? C’est pas possible !


A tous mes nouveaux visiteurs: Bienvenue et merci pour votre visite ! J’ai beaucoup de choses intéressantes qui arrivent bientôt sur ce blog. N’hésitez pas à me contacter.

To all my new visitors: Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I have a lot of great stuff coming to this blog very soon. Don’t hesitate to contact me either (now you all know my real name but I’m still going to go by Grenobloise for now :-)).

9 thoughts on “512 views! Thank-you GreNews (and Hugh Grant)!

  1. You ARE the source to all things Grenoble! At least as far as I stand! When I finally make it there, I will go through all of your blog posts to find the best places to eat, see, and play!

    Congratulations! You deserve it! xo!

    1. Thanks Ella! 3 hours TVG from Paris and you’re here :-) .. then you’re real close to Provence and not too far from the Med sea (not that there’s not enough to do here! ha) which is cool. The summer is packed with concerts and things– I will have trouble keeping up with everything! ;-) ….and about going through blog posts.. I should make a new page organizing everything into groups! Coming soon alors……. ! xo

    1. Hi Emilie & Léa !
      Merci beaucoup !
      Je veux tester un de vos recettes et le poster sur ce blog bientôt ! If I succeed that is ..!
      Thanks for all of your comments and kindness xoxo

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