Peaugres – le plus grand parc animalier de Rhône-Alpes !

Cet été je suis allée à Peaugres, un parc animalier en Ardèche, environ une heure et demi de route depuis Grenoble. C’est vraiment merveilleux comme endroit ! Il y a deux parties: un safari voiture et puis un grand parc à pied. Quand je visite un grand parc animalier, j’imagine n’y aller qu’une seule fois, mais après avoir visité Peaugres j’ai envie d’y retourner plusieurs fois. Si vous habitez vers Rhône-Alpes, ne loupez pas Peaugres ! Et comme d’hab, voici mes photos (et une vidéo):

This summer I went to Peaugres, a zoo in Ardèche, about an hour and a half drive from Grenoble. It’s really a wonderful place! There are two parts: a drive-though safari and then a larger area accessible by foot. When I visit a large zoo, I imagine going just one time, but after visiting Peaugres I feel like returning many times. If you live near the Rhône-Alpes region, don’t miss out on Peaugres! And as always, here are my photos (and a video):


Les Éléphants
C’est la vie !
Les jolis Zèbres
Les bisons !
So cuddly…
Les beaux Potamochères

Les Lémuriens
Trop mimi !

Les lémuriens

Les Guépards
Les Tigres

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5 thoughts on “Peaugres – le plus grand parc animalier de Rhône-Alpes !

  1. I’ve never done a drive-thru safari! It’s always scared me! Wasn’t their a move about the animals freaking out and trying to push the car over? Or was that Jurassic Park?

    It is cool to see them roaming around OUTSIDE of their cage!

    I love the zebra shot. They’re such beautiful animals…

    Great photos, D!!! xo.

    1. I think the last time I did a drive-through safari I was 5, 7 or somewhere around there! Yes, I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around! I remember being scared when I was younger (maybe also due to Jurassic Park!), but this time was a lot more chill. The only tense part was when we were surrounded by bison (but it was also the most fun and thrilling part of the safari!). Of course I had my window open when it’s not allowed… I really wanted to pet the polar bear though; c’mon, who wouldn’t want to pet a polar bear!

      Yes, exactly! I was expecting to be a bit sad because zoos usually make me feel bad for the animals, but at this ‘animal park’ most of the animals had a ton of space and seemed quite happy. Maybe that’s why it’s technically called animal park instead of zoo…?

      And thank-you, L! Glad you liked the photos… I have more animal pics coming…. I guess I am making up for my concrete-jungle days!

      I will put together a more girly post inspired by you and the Champagne diet in the future… because you can feel fabulous and alpine-chic in Grenoble too!

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