La Descente des Alpages à Grenoble

On voit des vaches souvent en dehors de Grenoble, mais jamais en plein centre ville ! Hier, pour la Descente des Alpages, la rue de Strasbourg à Grenoble est devenue une petite ferme alpine avec dégustation de fromage, d’huitres, de vin blanc et de plein d’autres délices !

You’ll often see cows just outside of Grenoble, but never in the city center! Yesterday, for la Descente des Alpages, Strasbourg Street in Grenoble became a little Alpine farm. Not only were there cows and goats, but an array of cheeses, oysters, white wine among other goodies!


les biquettes !
les biquettes !

VIDEO: Descente des Alpages 2013, Grenoble


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2 thoughts on “La Descente des Alpages à Grenoble

    1. I actually had thought of you.. I was like “L would love this and she would take adorable pics too!”. I knew you’d like the bread!

      (Hoping comments start working for me chez ton blog. I’ll try again soon. I am loving all of your posts- your writing and narratives are great! And your photos are gorgeous. I love the festive Fall menu and decor.)

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