Aujourd’hui dans le Vercors…

Après un hiver qui manquait de neige jusqu’à présent, j’ai été heureuse de découvrir une journée belle et enneigée dans le Vercors aujourd’hui ! Comme d’hab, voici mes photos:

After quite the snowless winter so far, I was delighted to discover a beautiful, snow-capped day in the Vercors mountains today! As per usual, here are some of my photos:





Le snowkite / kite ski.



Sur la route !
A dog comically running with a horse.


Villard de Lans
Tarte aux myrtilles & hot chocolate !
Le Néron in the distance.
View of Grenoble while driving down from the Vercors.


UPDATE 3/3/14*** Video:


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4 thoughts on “Aujourd’hui dans le Vercors…

  1. Am I really going to say this? I miss snow (ok, so I only miss the thought of seeing it for one day and then going back to warm Paris). Lovely pictures and that pie looks amazing. Did you know I had this obsession with blueberry pie in Grenoble?

    1. Aww well of course you do! You grew up with snow – It’s in your earliest memories. I like the snow…when it’s sunny out (I don’t seem to cope well in cold temps!).

      Thanks so much. I was thinking of you today – wishing you were here. I was thinking “I wonder what gorgeous photos Lisa would take if she was here.”

      I’d love to switch to Paris life now and again for proper, fun social get-togethers and for the art!

      Hmm I remember you mentioning it yes. I was just telling F. today that I need to find this tarte aux myrtilles recipe. Once I discover it I can then share it w/ you! I’m sure it’s ridiculously simple.

  2. Superbes photos ! Ça me rappelle de bons souvenirs : pas plus tard que l’hiver dernier, on adorait aller à Villard de Lans et Autrans pour se balader ou faire du snowkite (pour mon mari). Y’a d’ailleurs une voile sur une de tes photos !
    La balade en chien de traîneaux a du être sympa avec ce soleil !

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