Grosse manifestation anti-nucléaire à Grenoble, 22/01/2012

Près de chez moi, ici à Grenoble, il y a était une grosse manifestation anti-nucléaire: une chaîne humaine des gens qui réagissons ensemble pour sortir du nucléaire. Ils voulaient aussi promouvoir un manifestation pour 11 mars 2012 (un an jour pour jour après Fukushima) de faire une grande chaîne humaine de Lyon à Avignon. C’est la région la plus nucléarisée d’Europe! Voici mon vidéo et mes photos.

Near my place, here in Grenoble, there was a large protest against nuclear power plants: a human chain of people coming together to raise awareness for this cause. They also wanted to promote March 11th, 2012’s upcoming protest (exactly one year after the catastrophe in Fukishima) to make an enormous human chain from Lyon to Avignon. This region has the most nuclear power plants in Europe! Here are my photos and video:

Manifestation anti-nucléaire à Grenoble 1, 22/01/12


  • Ella Coquine
    January 23, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Wow, this is incredible. I had no idea that Grenoble has the most nuclear power plants in all of Europe. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. Damn…

    Did you join the protest? And what has the outcome been? Also, are those trams I see in the background of the last photo?

    So many questions, I know!

    • grenobloise
      January 23, 2012 at 7:57 pm

      Hi Ella! Grenoble doesn’t have any, but not far away there are a bunch. From Lyon to Avignon, where they’re trying to make a long human chain, covers the area of the most nuclear power plants in Europe.

      No protesting from me; I just happened to be there with my ami to snap pics. There aren’t any trams in these pics, they’re on the other side of the Isère river for now. This is quartier St. Laurent, right below the Bastille, where it’s known for its long strip of Italian restaurants (best pizza in France!).

      Just so you know, I’ve tried commenting on your blog numerous times but it doesn’t work.

      Ps- I heart questions.


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