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Ceci n’est pas une terrasse {mais si !}

On June 2nd, I took some quick snaps with my smartphone as it was soon after restaurant and bar terraces were permitted to open in Paris. How refreshing to see people starting to wine and dine again…I mean, this is Paris! To document, I am sharing it here on the blog.

Now, it has just passed that you can sit inside restaurants in Paris (which I’ve yet to check out because well…I’m stuck inside painting most days!). I am also seeing some more permanent-looking terraces that have gotten quite creative. I suppose restaurants have the green light to take over parking spots (I don’t know the exact rule), because these new terraces I’m seeing are with heavy duty cinder blocks, unlike the ones in the photos below. I suppose I’ll need to do a new photoshoot!

The Latin Quarter:

An innovative table top:

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